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About This Project

Total Impact!


The activity will take place in the kitchen facility or on a external facilitie in case the volume of people do not allow their implementation in a medium kitchen.

The activity will start with the division of the group into small groups of 10 people or less.

Each group will be responsible to perform 5 plates. The Chef will explain how to make them and before you start cooking ….. First Surprise! The other group will come and change the ingredients of two plates to choose from. Now the group will have to make 3 plates that the Chef explained but invent the 2 caps that have been modified by their peers.

What we want to work is the fact that everyday there are unforeseen and we want to work improvisation, creativity and overcome something that was not scheduled.

Normal activity and half elapse activity …. Second Surprise! 4 members of a group are changed with 4 members of the other group. In this case, the metaphor CHANGE leads us to imagine a scenario where we find the reality of everyday life. Sometimes we change the Department or a colleague find another job.
The group should stand a few minutes to explain to newcomers and organized how things are made, etc.. since otherwise, ie, if they do not explain to newcomers the correct methodology, they will lose a precious human potential.


Raise awareness of the importance of team´s working together, there are no unforeseen that are insurmountable and changes often are seen as negative, we can encourage a creative process that anyone can imagine.


A small briefing of how the activity has passed and the end result will be displayed.

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