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Perfection in details!



In this workshop, participants will learn how to make the best combinations with different types of gin and tonic in the market. From different gins (sweet, dry, etc.) and different ingredients (cinnamon, licorice, raspberry, lemon, etc.) they will make cocktails like top bartenders.

This activity also can develop the new trend that reaches Europe called Vodkatonic. In the case of Vodkatonic, we use different types of vodka and tonic combined to achieve excellent quality.

The teacher teach you how cool the drink, how and when to add the ingredients, the exact amounts of each liquor as well as the motif of the cup before presenting it to clients.



The objective of the activity is to make the audience delve into the world of the gintonics tasting as well as learning the basic steps to make them.

We also offer to do the activity with different vodkas. The Vodkatonic is a European phenomenon!

After completing the activity, the teacher makes a small briefing which will highlight the different stages of the development of authentic gin and tonic.
Technical specifications of different gins and vodkas are delivered and utilized.

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