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UNTOLD – Can you keep a secret?


Guinness World Record high precision using “Boleadoras”, typical hunting weapon from the Gauchos of the Pampas!



– Audience Award for Best Show in the discipline of Dance.

– First Prize at the International Festival in Johannesburg , South Africa

– First Prize of the Festival d’ Arts i Serveis Artistics

Our Artist is considered one of the best in the world, its gaucho video on YouTube with the “Boleadoras” is the most reproduced of all in this topic!

This show is based on a fusion of circus acts and rhythmic movements from the dance of the gauchos, precise, skillful and dynamic.

It is a spectacle of high artistic quality with stunning visual numbers, ideal for all type of events!

This show is truly amazing ! The visual effect of the fire on the strings is unforgettable. It combines the energy and power of the ancient rituals of fire with the elegance and grace of contemporary dance .

The creation of this show is inspired by the culture of the gauchos of southern Brazil and Argentina.

The gauchos are like cowboys but live in South America and their weapons are “Boleadoras” , ties, whips etc. ..
Through the gaucho spectacle, accompanied by a traditional music, yet very circus you will make a short trip and find with great depth what a joyful and passionate people are the Gauchos!
In addition , the set design, based on the use and skill with the “Boleadoras” , the strength of the bond , the rhythm of drums and the footwork , the wind of ponchos , the passion and sensuality of the numbers and the elegant presence of the Artists helps to bring the audience to exaltation!
The show uses techniques with: Poncho ; Spears ; Boom ; Ties ; Lyrical Dance ; Tap Dance ; Bombo & fire “Boleadoras”.

Public Participation – A woman and a man, our Artist makes a hairstyle to a member of the public with the use of the “Boleadoras” and then take very accurately a cigarrette from the mouth of a man also with the “Boleadoras”.

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