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Electric Chic!


Duo of elegant elektro, two personalities taking as inspiration the pioneers of techno 80 , they experimental pop melodies with powerful sonic shock.
Formed by bass, guitars and vocals they are the only artist´s to win national level in two different projects: Imaginarock National Competition ( 98 and 00) & Justine Bearish Show ( Sony Music) . They play in major festivals and venues like:

– Santander Music Festival

– Klubbers Day

– Fest Tokyo Japan


As frontman of the group CYCLE we have a singer, guitarist, songwriter and composer.
The we have an elegance and multifaceted Artist (keyboards, small percussion instruments and voices ) she plays as a performer , actress and musician in:

– Cirkus Pa Kanten ( Odin Teatret , Denmark )

– Temporary Space ( Madrid)

– Director in Wroclav ( Poland

– Keyboards and vocals

– Actress in series ( The internship, Aguila Roja )

– Professor of Piano at the Conservatory and Superior Professor of Music Theory and Music Theory at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Madrid.
They have lived and worked in Berlin and given concerts all over the world, with songs that combine the power and finesse characteristics , creating an attractive magnetic field itself . They get very good reviews and in early 2014 , they are supported by ADD Records American label specializing in synthpop , who proposes to make a special re -release .
This Duo move´s like fish in water between the synthesized sound and the open string , their duo form can perform in small rooms or as a band accompanied in large spaces , but always displaying strength and priority being the connection with the audience .

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