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About This Project

The power of silent!



This activity takes place entirely in-house.

Before starting to cook, we will do a little briefing explaining how the activity will be.

This activity involves a menu that requires to make many small groups.

The group will be divided and the Chef will explained each of the caps to each group. Once everyone knows what they have to do, the activity will start.

At 5 minutes, the Chef shout change and each group will rotate to the next dish. What the group was doing should be explained to the incoming group to develop the cover and so each of the groups.

For the next 5 minutes, we will cry again change and the groups will rotate.

Ans so on, until the end caps on the activity scheduled.



The objectives of the activity are to check whether the communication between workers is efficient or not.

Search to see if information flows properly, check if the orders are given and at the end, we will compare the result with the expected.

Another important aspect is to delegate. Some people are perfectionists and have trouble leaving a job unfinished to be another fellow who runs. So also check the perfectionism of some people.

Finally, we assess creativity, because often, information is lost along the way and you have to make way for innovation and creativity.



After completing the activity, the Chef makes a small briefing which will highlight the best group that has given the orders.

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