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– Lounge
For her music has a strong enchantment and magnetism that is evident in all her performances.

Her music preferences are based on Soulful & Deep House, Nu Disco and Lounge genres.

One notes a certain influence of disco, funky and the pop sounds that she grew-up to in her sets; and she likes to do “musical journeys”, playing from house classics to current house commercial music.
When she plays, her resonances unite an elegance and sensuality that is DISTINCTLY FEMININE and for many, recognizable as “her very own sound”.

Naturally versatile in her performances, she always takes into account her public and relates to the audience in front of her with empathy, intimacy and amazing simplicity.
Our talent aims are to make you feel happy and want to celebrate life, love, joy and freedom with her music sets. She believes that good vibrations are contagious and that this attracts other good energies. This ideal is always present whilst in her dj booth.

She began working as a dj in 2010, leaving behind her a career of event organizing. Changing her professional life around and devoting herself totally to her love of music and djing, she has had a reasonable rise in Portugal’s world of djing and has conquered an indisputable notoriety with it – she is currently one of the most requested female djs in the country.

Whilst opting for no fixed abode, she is repeatedly requested to play at prestigious Clubs in Portugal.
Also acting frequently at corporate events and private parties.

For our DJ music and dancing are the biggest sources of FREEDOM!


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