About This Project


An international company of hip hop, dance and urban culture born in Barcelona in 2006.

“A flow of energy, art, humor and imagination that reaches the young and the adults”(El Periódico)


From the streets of Barcelona and the rest of the World to the stages of the largest theatres they put together the best of hip-hop in one show, which combines dance, music and attitude with great doses of virtuosism, technical precision and creativity.
Directed by Lluc Fruitós and under the stage direction of Joan García from TRICICLE, the show wants to bring closer hip-hop’s attitude and the most contemporary dance to the great audience.


As jazz, pop or blues, hip-hop is born in the streets and evolves distinctively as different cultures adopt it and make it theirs.


This group gathers the styles and knowledge that they have acquired through their trips and courses around the World…

The show consists of professional dancers, life musicians: a drums set player and a flute/sax player who also beatboxes, rare abilities to support a dance show.

This show is for all audiences!




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