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In this activity, the group learn how to recognize and identify the organoleptic qualities that make a wine a greater prestige than others.

The professor, renowned sommelier, ​​will be responsible for creating a space relationship between the group and enhance the creation of interest groups in order to awaken in them a passion for the wine world.

Depending on the group, the tasting of 2 whites, two reds, a rosé and a sparkling will be agreed although there is always the possibility that the client says their preferences.

The teacher will teach how to distinguish wines, as do the different stages of wine tasting and finally, how it tasted.

The objectives of the activity are the audience delve into the world of wine tasting and spark interest in the client knowing different designations of origin either at national or international level


The “student” must be able to recognize the main nuances of each of the varieties.

We also offer to do blind tastings where guests will not see the wines and should be able to figure out the nuances, fruity aromas, how it has aged, etc..

After completing the activity, the Chef makes a small briefing which will highlight the different phases of the tasting and will deliver the technical specifications of each wine.

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