About This Project

Fly Beyond!


The visual effect of this Show is amazing!


The Artist´s are dressed in fluorescent costumes and carry six – foot wings that are also painted with fluorescent paint. They also have fluorescent makeup!
The number starts on the floor betweenthe public, with alittle choreographywith the wings under a black lighttohighlight thecolorfulwings . It isa moment of great magic!
After a change of light and music they take off the wings (it is a metamorphosis) and do other choreographic moment on the ground floor until the hoop come down. Then starts the air duo Show with a touch of fantasy!


This show is perform by two multidisciplinary artists combining choreography, acrobatics and interpretation in their performances, creating shows with a great visual beauty, that immerse the viewer into a magical world of fantasy.

They have a long professional experience, and an international career having performed in over thirty countries, and to all audiences, always getting a big

Our male Artist began studying classical dance at the age of six years in Ballet School of Lorenzo Godoy in Las Palmas de Gran Canarias. At sixteen he was a solo Artist of the Ballet de Las Palmas, directed by Gelu Barbu and created his first choreography for the company. He also studied contemporary dance and Modern – Jazz.

Our female Artist began studying classical dance at the age of five, in Barcelona. His teacher was the great Ramon Solé, who trained her as a professional. She also studied with Max Hita from the Modern Jazz and Contemporary Dance with Lawrence and Anne de Maeyer Mittelholzer . She worked as a dancer in the company Wanderings, and as a teacher in various schools of Ballet in Barcelona.

This Show of “Aerial Dance” is a fusion of dance, circus and theater wrapped in an atmosphere of magical poetry!

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