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The Real Woman!



  • Workshop with Claudia Contin and Ferruccio Merisi in Pordenone Italy
  • Working on the Commedia dell’arte
  • Degree in drama at the theater specialty gesture RESAD
  • Stage Management Course at the School of Film and Television in Cuba by Corina Mestre.
  • Workshop with Odin Holsterbro teatret in Denmark by Augusto Omulu and Roberta Carreri.
  • Monographs on Greek tragedy & Golden Age Contemporary
  • Introduction course taught in Artebi Script (Deusto).
  • Course in Jazz and contemporary Lord Gim school in Santander
  • Course Directors with Jaime Chavarri.
  • Amateur course in acting school Basauri (Bilbao)
  • Diploma in Dramatic Art Theatre school Karpas in textual interpretation branch
  • Attended five years in different Flemish schools including school love of God.


Profisional ACTIVITIES

  • Real Life Short directed by Iban del Campo
  • Currently training with the company kabia theater
  • Short Mud Mejorestoquerobar productions
  • Working with the company Atalaya Seville
  • Working in the show The Tarasca locui Genius
  • Festival – FRINGE – Under the direction of Mathilde Rainbourg
  • Pray (Based on the Mystery Bufo Dario) Under the direction of Andrés del Bosque.
  • Worked for a season at Jacob’s Ladder Lavapies under the direction and dramaturgy Andrés del Bosque
  • Actress long called “Occam’s Razor”
  • Short “Many web” as an actress.
  • “A Trial of dogs” (Address by Manuel Carcedo Sama)
    (Editor in charge of the company and address Chikikarpas by Manuel Carcedo Sama) “Like a tale is told.”
  • “The Witch Contracuentos”.
  • “Dance of the Old Lady” playing the old lady (Written and directed by Manuel Carcedo sama)
  • “The Strange Rider” (Michel de Ghelderode).
  • “Caress”. (Sergi Belbel), where for 1 st time I was in charge of the steering.
  • “Kraken”. (Iker Trueba)
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