Unique Acts
About This Project

Understand her is to love her!



  • Interpretation degree in 2013 at the Royal School of Dramatic Arts
  • Workshop Actor in front of the House Chamber Mala-Sana
  • Interpretation and Singing Workshop with Carmen Conesa
  • Diploma in Educational Jacques Lecoq in the International Laboratory Actor in Motion
  • Improvisation Workshop with Angel Bonora & Berty Tovías
  • Course The Actor and The Mask by Antonio Fava in Scenic Laboratory
  • Course Off Dramatic Arts in Valencia School of Theatre and Film
  • Kathakali Workshop for Technical Actor with Cia. Peter Brook in London 


Professional Experience

  • El Muro – Actress in the theater company sphota! Work inspired by “The Wall” Pink Floyd
  • Actress in Black Is The Night with sphota theater company!
  • Actress in Gestures for nothing Itself Festival in Warsaw, Poland
  • Actress in The Venetian Night with Alfred Muset sphota theater
  • The Other Side – Actress
  • Documents directed by actress Ana Vázquez de Castro
  • Short Film: Actress in Julian led by Raul Navarro
  • Series: Actress in Coconut Museum led by Ernesto Sevilla with Carlos Areces and Ernesto Sevilla
  • Short Film: Actress in Vexed in time led by Raúl Navarro with Juan Ramón Bonet and Natalia Moreno
  • Series: Actress Perestroika led by Raul Navarro.
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