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Artist Key is a Talent Agency for Corporate Events and Influencer Online Marketing

Let us bring success to your business with our Blogging & Celebrities Services for Brands

We are experts on Social Networks, Digital Media & Public Relations, you know…the future!

Here we guide our clients through the “online” world and make bloggers become brands.

Our Agency ensures you’re choosing a Blogger or Celebrity that aligns with your Brand identity and as a result, will appeal to their audience.

Why Should Brand´s Invest in Influencer Marketing?

There is a shift in how marketers are reaching consumers, 92% of consumers trust recommendations from other people, even someone they don’t know.

That’s why brands need to invest in creating content and partnering with content creators who are trusted resources and can build awareness of the brand and its product.

The options are endless, but the key is finding the right partner with the right audience.

This is why…

Artist Key Blogging & Celebrities Services:

Management & Consultancy
Collaboration with Brands
TV Integration
Special Events

We represent for your Brand Bloggers & Celebrities Experts on:

Beauty,Fashion, Travel, Food, Lifestyle, Sports, Fitness, Kids, Design, Music & much more

 Meet the Online World

Blogs rank among the top five “most trustworthy” sources of information on the internet.

Brands are now turning to influential bloggers to reach new audiences or to engage them in a different way.

The key to success is to identify bloggers who share the same aesthetic as your brand and here is where Artist Key does the Magic,

We propose the best Blogger for your Brand.

Because in the end, Internet is the new Boss!

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