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About This Project


Mafalda Matos was born in Lisbon, Portugal.

The daughter of a designer and business woman.

But from a very young age Mafalda showed signs that her future would not be in the family business.

She started to play the violin at the music conservatory at seven years old and finished at fourteen.

Already by the age of eighteen, while finishing her high school exams, she landed her first major TV role: a lead in Portugal’s first teen-targeted series on the country’s major network, TVI.
The show proved an immediate success and catapulted Mafalda to instant stardom.

While only nineteen years old, she travelled alone to London looking for life experience and acting courses.

It was here she was stop in the street by the agent, Steve Tannenbaum from New York, which later lead her to the bond girl casting, her first international movie contact.
After attending the theater course at the Lisbon Conservatory, she did the character Maria Francisca an 80’s TV production in Portugal.
Her voice and likeness are the basis of a character in the “Move Fitness Game” for Playstation.
Mafalda continues to work on her craft , always looking for new challenges, doing both theater and short films.
Speaks 5 languages: Native Portuguese, English, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish and conversational French.


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